Western Basin Harbour Dredging

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Ausco Modular meets LNG facility ramp up demands.

Western Basin Harbour Dredging required a full site facility to act as its base of operations as part of the GLNG (Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas) construction activity in the region.

The commercial facilities were provided in staggered stages in accordance with the client’s project timeline. The client’s ramp up timing meant that each timeframe was crucial in enabling the client to achieve their own project obligations.

In some instances, installation was completed over weekends to ensure minimal impact to the clients operation.

Initial building supply and installation of this facility was for 12 buildings and has rapidly grown to 30 buildings.

It was critical to ensure that all amenities buildings were air conditioned to maximise comfort for the client’s staff. All buildings supplied were fitted with inverted air conditioning units to meet the customers’ requirements.

The client has been extremely pleased with all facets of this project to date right from project delivery through to the "on hire" support.

The project is expected to expand as operations continue to grow.