A partnership between modular and fit out specialists 

Crucial health services delivered to remote communities

Ausco Modular brings essential services to Far West NSW faster

The 5000m² new facilities includes x-ray rooms, office space and meeting rooms, reception and waiting area, consultation rooms, rehabilitation gymnasium, operating theatre and recovery rooms, ICU and commercial kitchen.

Ausco Modular is a market leader in building transportable infrastructure for the healthcare industry.

Our portable, prefabricated buildings allow significant flexibility, thanks to their modular design. We know every institution has a different requirement, so contact us on 13 62 11 to discuss how we can manage yours.

We get the job done. Quickly.

The speed in which we can get a building up-and-running is second to none, and what defines our technology is the ability we have to build offsite. Ausco Modular’s automated building process is fast. Very fast. So fast that it takes about half the construction time of traditional building methods. 

It’s this speed that makes it one of the most efficient ways to get the facility you need in half the time. 

You’re flexible with your treatment; we’re flexible with our designs.

Our experience within the healthcare industry has also taught us that no two projects are the same. That’s why we offer flexibility in our designs. You can choose what types of facilities you need, if it’s office space, treatment rooms, private rooms, kitchens, storage or contamination units – we can create a solution that will fit your needs perfectly. 

If it’s a short-term requirement, we can arrange a basic hire solution for you. Whereas if you’re after something more your style and for the longer term, our experience allows us to give you a beautifully customised modular solution to fit your every need – be it a multi-storey hospital, a medical centre or a clinic. Our modular designs will be made specifically to your needs with the invaluable input of healthcare design experts. 

We also understand that sometimes it’s the most remote regions that are most in need of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. That’s why we’re not afraid to bring our modular solutions to you. Wherever you are. Our transport team is well equipped to install your facility in the most remote and rugged places. No destination is too far off the map for our team.

We won’t contaminate your facility.
Being a healthcare facility, contamination and cleanliness is your number one priority. That’s why our offsite construction is the perfect solution. When you’re required to have multiple contractors and suppliers onsite, it can be a great burden on your institution and on your contamination requirements. With modular building, however, we build everything offsite in a controlled environment. Not to mention the added comfort that you’ll get from avoiding unnecessary disruptions to your healthcare facility.