Local Council Sporting Changerooms

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Sporting grounds busy roster is perfect fit for modular


When local council identified the need for an affordable, durable and fast changeroom solution for a local cricket field, modular was the winning combination.

  • 20 x 3m Changeroom
  • 6 x 3m Canteen
  • 12 weeks to complete

Local teams now have access to brand new facilities for home and away teams, as well as umpire rooms and a canteen facility.


Two local council grounds receive the perfect modular solution


With a busy schedule to work around, and ground conditions to preserve, a fast and low impact solution was required for local football field change rooms.

  • 18 x 3m 
  • 6 weeks to complete  

Now with the appropriate facilities to make best use of the ground, and just in time for rostered games to begin, the end product was a great result for all parties involved.