M5 Roads Office Expansion

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Ausco Modular keeps traffic moving with Interlink office expansion.

Interlink Roads, the organisation responsible for operating road tolls for New South Wales roads, needed to expand, and quickly.

To keep pace with the rapid growth of NSW roads, Interlink immediately required a new office adjacent to their existing permanent office block to accommodate growing staff numbers.

The project posed interesting challenges, with a very specific design in mind and high levels of acoustic performance required due to the location.

To ensure the right company was chosen for the project, Interlink entered into an extensive design and tender process.

Specific engineering requirements were needed for the footings on the site and installation could only take place on Saturdays when the M5 roadway was at its quietest.

With industry-leading design and innovation as well as flexible and efficient operations, Ausco Modular was able to meet the demands and time constraints of the project.

Ausco Modular brought its extensive experience in architecture and design of state-of-the-art modular buildings to deliver a modular solution that had the look, feel and functionality of Interlink’s permanent office.

With flexible operations and design, modular construction was the easy and ideal solution to a complicated problem.

Ausco Modular completed the project ahead of schedule to keep New South Wales on the road.