I'm a celebrity.. Get me out of here!

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Quality professional buildings for high-profile clients, Ausco Modular’s versatile offering can cater for anyone.

Ausco Modular’s ability to deliver quality building solutions in high-pressure, fast changing environments has been essential for working on the reality game show, I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here!

The show is based around a group of celebrities living together in a remote environment with no luxuries, competing to win a cash prize.

Ausco Modular has been assisting Granada Productions with its building requirements for the English television show since 2003 at a secret location in Australia.

Permanent offices and amenities were installed for the entire production team. When production is in full flow, the site can accommodate more than 120 staff.

In addition to this, multiple speciality buildings with distinct requirements are manufactured, delivered and installed for three months of the year when filming takes place.

Ausco Modular provides secure buildings to house the valuable satellite equipment used to send footage back to the United Kingdom. Up to 20 short-term buildings are also provided. These are fitted out with 24 hour surveillance cameras to capture footage of the celebrities around the clock for the reality show.

The remote location makes accessing the site challenging, especially during the wet season. But, throughout the lifetime of the project Ausco Modular has always successfully overcome any difficulties to deliver buildings on time.

Timing in transporting buildings to site and being mindful of residential requirements was of the utmost importance to the client.

Ausco Modular has developed a strong relationship with Granada Productions and the on-site production team.

Ausco Modular’s ability to meet unique project requirements and deliver to remote locations means it can provide buildings for any purpose.

A thorough understanding of the client’s needs and unique requirements means the Ausco Modular team always delivers quickly and efficiently while adhering to tight deadlines and strict procedures.