Gateway Upgrade Project

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Ausco Modular breaks the mould for Queensland’s prestigious $2.12billion bridge and road upgrade

The $2.12 billion Gateway Duplication Project was one of Queensland’s largest bridge and road projects in history. The project involved building a second Gateway bridge, connecting Brisbane’s major motorway, as well as upgrading 16km of the motorway south of the river and 7km of road north of the river.

Ausco Modular played a major support role for this landmark project, constructing extra large state-of-the-art office blocks and amenities for all on site construction and engineering staff.

Ausco Modular built two 24m x 54m office complexes in only two months; an exceptional achievement given the average modular office building is a mere 12m x 3m.

Ausco Modular specifically tailored the project’s complicated modular requirements to ensure the building’s aesthetic or functionality was not compromised in anyway.

Ausco Modular proved its unrivalled experience at providing modular solutions for one of Australia’s largest projects.

The customer service and visitor centres for the public were designed to ensure the highest level of fit-out could be achieved by the client.