Abigroup Northern Busway Alliance

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Ausco Modular provides flexible solution for 2-year inner-city project.

The Northern Busway Alliance Project was a complex, two-year project that engaged Abigroup Contractors, SMEC and Department of Transport as part of the Queensland Government’s long-term plan to improve public transport to and from the northern suburbs, making transport to the city faster and more reliable.

This award-winning project sparked community interest and was applauded for early completion.

Ausco Modular was able to provide Abigroup an advanced, flexible solution to meet all of the project’s needs.

Ausco Modular provided a state-of-the-art satellite facility as well as individual offices, lunchrooms, meeting rooms and amenity blocks.

During the project’s two-year span, Ausco Modular assisted Abigroup in downsizing the complexes, allowing flexibility for staff changes throughout the duration of the project.

Ausco Modular’s expert technical advice and tailored solutions eliminated space restriction issues caused by new roads and ongoing project developments.

Northern Busway Alliance Awards:

  • Excellence in Environmental Sustainability
  • Project Management and Engineering Leadership
  • High Commendation: Project of the Year

Ausco Modular provides quality construction and installation of transportable and portable offices for various construction projects.