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The Modular Process

What defines modular building technology is the ability to build offsite. At Ausco Modular we have manufacturing facilities and storage facilities around Australia that are responsible for constructing our buildings, customising fit-outs, and storing thousands of buildings ready to go at any moment. 


With Ausco Modular’s extensive experience in creating modular construction solutions, it’s no wonder that we have created a seamless offsite construction process.

By completing construction offiste we can minimise the disruption to your  facility and ensure your modular building is delivered to you quickly and efficiently. 

By completing all construction offsite, Ausco Modular effectively reduces the costs associated with downtime, and there are notably less health and safety risks associated with the construction. 

The process is simple: our designers work with customers to design the ideal modular solution. The design is uploaded onto a computer and sent to the manufacturing facility. A super computer will then activate the different building stations to effectively ‘print’ the various pieces your design requires. An automated machine then cuts the exact pieces of steel needed to make the frames and the precise amount of wood is used to make the required panels. Holes are then cut in the wood to fit electrical appliances exactly where the designs put them – making sure that they’re electrically sound. It’s all automated – making it quicker and easier for you. 

By going through this offsite construction procedure, we are able to effectively reduce waste by 30%. That means offsite construction is not only great for the environment, but it’s great for your back pocket. You won’t find yourself paying for materials that end up on the factory floor – you’ll only pay for what you get. 

Offsite construction is also great for workplace health and safety since our process works to reduce any potential construction related accidents. Ausco Modular is proudly NATA and HSEQ accredited – which means our offsite construction capabilities are not only fast- they’re safe. 

Since all Ausco Modular solutions are constructed offsite, you’re also given the space and time you need to use the current site. There’s no need to shut down your healthcare facility weeks in advance with our modular construction. Patients can keep getting the treatment they need right up until the delivery date.