Permanent facilities

Our solutions

Customise your modular healthcare solution any way you like.


Purpose built health & aged care facilities

  • Single or multi-storey
  • Compliant with AusHFG or equivalent
  • Consult, treatment, ward and staff areas
  • Reduce the disruption of on-site construction
  • Become operational in half the time

Regional rural & remote health

  • Complete medical centres, clinics & health facilities
  • Tailored to any design requirements
  • Become operational in half the time
  • Compliant with healthcare regulations
  • Eliminate risk of cost and time variations
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Solutions for difficult sites

  • Elevated on gantries - above roads, carparks
  • Sloping or flood-affected sites
  • Difficult to access sites, often for brownfield expansion
  • Light footprint to suit reactive soils
  • No site too hard
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Ausco Modular builds modular healthcare facilities across Australia every year.

Our healthcare customers span many markets and cross all geographies nationally, from medical centres and clinics, to hospitals and administration buildings – in inner-city suburbs and in the most remote corners of Australia.

The flexibility of design and speed of construction that modular solutions provide has made seen it become a construction method of choice across many markets. Quality-controlled construction and direct site delivery minimises project timelines and external impacts such as poor weather, as well as reducing any unnecessary material and labour costs.

Whether you need a whole healthcare facility or just a single health clinic - we have what you’re looking for.

Ausco Modular works with you to design and build individual treatment rooms or entire wards. Our healthcare range of prefabricated and relocatable buildings includes medical centres, clinics, ward accommodation, treatment facilities, administration buildings, staff amenities and decant facilities. 

Modular healthcare solutions are an ideal option to expand your institution and create more space quickly and efficiently. More private and public healthcare institutions, as well as health departments in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory have chosen to partner with Ausco Modular.  

Our people are some of the most experienced in the industry, enabling us to maintain exceptional customer relations and continued high performance. 

Ausco Modular works with an extensive cross section of customers within mining and energy, building and construction, education, commercial and industrial, government and tourism markets to deliver tailored and fast modular building solutions.