Temporary facilities

Onsite construction

Ausco Modular constructs the buildings offsite, which means the onsite construction and disruption is minimal. This means there are less costs associated with downtime, and less health and safety risks associated with onsite construction.

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Ausco Modular’s hire solutions are renowned for their simple and easy process.

We can even help evaluate your site and recommend a range of options for you. The supply and installation of all buildings is completed to all regulatory standards and codes and we have one main priority: to minimise distruption to your facility. 

One of the key ways that Ausco Modular minimises disruption to your facility is with our seamless and efficient onsite construction. Because we build offsite, our onsite requirements are minimal – making the process quick and easy. 

For those customers that need something quickly, we have thousands of pre-built solutions ready to go. Our fleet yards are extensive and well stocked, which means you won’t have to wait around for the building you need. Whether you want one building, or twenty, we have hire buildings ready to go. 

With a basic solution, you can hire a pre-existing building from our extensive fleet range, but the solution is anything but basic. You can fit out your building specifically for your education needs. Since all of the solutions are manufactured offsite, it means that we can effectively minimise our time onsite for construction. 

We know you’re not experts in construction, and having multiple contractors and suppliers onsite can be a great burden on your healthcare facility. With modular building, we build everything offsite, which means we’ll only need to be onsite during installation, which is quick and easy. This saves you money on time and building materials, as well as the added comfort that you won’t have unnecessary disruptions to your facility.
If you live in a remote region where construction is difficult and expensive, or an inner-city region where traffic and space is tough – ask us how modular infrastructure can take care of all your space needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.