Customised education solutions

We can tailor an entire solution to your needs, even if you just want to hire it from us. It can be the best option for rapid expansion. We cater to any age-group and class size.

Modular no longer just means temporary, and our buildings are designed to withstand harsh environmental elements and stand permanently for as long as you require.

Explore all the options and services:


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Modular construction is a modern building method that's now adopted by many schools. Modular technology allows us to customise buildings with curved roofs, multi-storey features, and with the external look-and-feel of any existing buildings. 

You can customise an entire school using modular buildings, or expand your school with modular infrastructure that complements your existing buildings. 

A customised hire transportable, demountable education solution is ideal for institutions looking to increase their capacity quickly. Our customer service team is experienced in managing every aspect of your modular educational solution – from the design and engineering, to transport, installation and fit out. 

Modular infrastructure is a viable alternative to traditional construction that allows you flexibility in design, cost-efficiencies, and the ability to ramp up or down in the future.  Multi-storey modular buildings can be installed to suit an unlimited number of students and fitted out to supply kitchens, laboratories, gymnasiums, and change rooms. 

Whether your students are pre-school or university, you can completely tailor your transportable space to suit your needs. We also offer complete service solutions, which means we won’t just supply the building, but we can also supply the furniture, transport, installation, and removal. Think of us as your space solution project managers. 

We can design and install complex education solutions to any region of Australia quickly. From shipping buildings across the Tasman to Tasmania, hauling them up the Pilbara, or navigating the busy streets of Sydney, we can get any building to any place. We have local teams on the ground in every state that know the region, and know how to get buildings to you fast. 

If you live in a remote region where construction is difficult and expensive, or an inner-city region where traffic and space is tough – ask us how modular infrastructure can take care of all your space needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.