The Modular Process

What defines modular building technology is the ability to build offsite. At Ausco Modular we have manufacturing facilities and storage facilities around Australia that are responsible for constructing our buildings, customising fit-outs, and storing thousands of buildings ready to go at any moment. 


Our designers work with customers to design the ideal modular solution. Whether it’s one building or 100 connected buildings, the process is still the same. The design is uploaded onto a computer and sent to the manufacturing facility. A manufacturing super computer then activates different building stations to “print” out all the various pieces required. An automated machine cuts the exact pieces of steel needed to make the frames. The precise amount of wood is used to make the panels. Holes are cut in the wood to fit electrical appliances exactly where the designs put them. 

This automated building process is fast. Very fast. A fraction of the construction time of traditional building methods. But more importantly, it is incredibly efficient. We greatly reduce waste. This is not only great for the environment, but it’s great for your back pocket. You’re not paying for materials that end up on the factory floor – you’re only paying for what you get. 

We can design and build a customised building within weeks, ready to ship to you straight away. But for those customers that need something quickly, we have thousands of pre-built solutions ready to go. Our fleet yards are extensive and well-stocked, which means you won’t have to wait around for the building you need. Whether you want one building, or twenty, we have hire buildings ready to go. 

If you live in a remote region where construction is difficult and expensive, or an inner-city region where traffic and space is tough – ask us how modular infrastructure can take care of all your space needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.