Design & construct

Recreational facilities

Design a completely customised facility for any requirement. Whether it is a club house or a court room, our modular solutions are designed to architectural specifications and can match any existing buildings. Take a look at some of the recreational facilities we've developed for clients across the country: 


_L4A0608.jpg Ausco-Modular-Flemington_JOW-150813-7588-HDR.jpg GWS Giants Project- no branding MED.jpg Golf Club - Kalgoorlie 035 format.jpg 4865_Portacom_0190s.jpg 4865_Portacom_0001.jpg Ausco-Modular-Flemington_JOW-150813-7517.jpg Cellar Door carpark corner view.JPG

​No matter the purpose of your building, Ausco Modular has the solution that will give you what you need. 

Ausco Modular’s solutions are perfect for recreational facilities ranging from sporting to social buildings.

Our innovative and imaginative designs are created specifically to match your surrounding environment and are a simple solution for all requirements – no matter how large or small. We can also offer you a customised solution that will give you a number of exciting design options including, a curved roof, multi-storey features and an external look-and-feel to suit you.

Modular construction is also highly adaptable to any space restrictions. If you’ve only got a small site, but require a building with a lot of space, we can customise a multi-storey recreational facility for you. Regardless of the size of the building, we will manage all the transport and installation and we will ensure that there is little to no site disruption. 

We know you’re not construction experts, but you know that having multiple contractors and suppliers onsite can be a terrible burden on your time and site commitments. That’s why we build everything offsite. We won’t need to be onsite during building construction, only site installation – saving you money on building materials, while also giving you the peace of mind that your facility won’t be unnecessarily disrupted during construction. 

Ausco Modular’s solutions offer a viable alternative to traditional construction – and modular construction takes half the time of traditional construction. This leaves you more time to enjoy your brand new state-of-the-art recreational facility, without worrying about a long and drawn out construction process. 

As part of our 360-degree service approach, we also offer a full suite of services from planning, transport, site works and installation to ongoing support throughout the project. Even if your project is in the farthest corner of Western Australia, or in the middle of Sydney – no project is too difficult for our transport and installation team.