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Modular buildings are manufactured offsite, saving time, money and disruption. Modular construction has come a long way, and modular no longer necessarily means temporary.

How it works

Modular solutions can out-perform permanent structures, withstand the elements and be designed to reflect the latest styles and trends. See how they are built:



Thinking Green

Using lean manufacturing processes in controlled environments mean modular construction can dramatically reduce the environmental impacts that are often associated of traditional construction.  

Even better, our buildings can be taken away and recycled instead of demolished or abandonded. Modular really is the way of the future.

70% production waste recycled

Production waste recycled

Water harvested and recycled

Water harvested and recycled

Modular vs insitu

Time savings. Sustainability. Flexibility. Quality control. All reasons to convert to modular. Many customers convert purely for the time savings alone.

Then they really discover the world of modular and never go back.


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Download our whitepaper on Modular Construction in the Australian Healthcare Sector

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Hiring is a cost effective and efficient way to quickly acquire secure space. Its flexiblilty means it is perfect for temporary uses such as project site offices, decantering facilities, enrolment fluctuations, sales offices and much more.

Outsourcing the hire as well as all services means you can get on with your core business.

With one call, our 360 Degree Service brings together a genuine full turnkey package approach to hiring and using modular buildings. 

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Building with modular technology is sustainable, aesthetically on trend and highly flexible in terms of design and functionality.

Perfect for small or tight sites, remote locations and a myriad of other uses, building with modular really is the way of the future. It is a genuine alternative to traditional methods of construction.

Going modular is easy using our 360 Degree Service for permanent solutions that are only limited by your imagination. And we build them quickly.

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Types of solutions using modular

Some recent examples we've built include: medical clinics, visitor centres, housing, classrooms, offices and retail outlets.

Hiring a modular building is also only limited by your imagine, but typically, buildings are hired as offices, lunchrooms, kitchens, ablutions, temporary retail uses, classrooms, sales centres and temporary accommodation.


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