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Hire fleet of over 12,000 buildings - ready to move

Stackable options for tight sites

Functional meeting spaces to keep your site running

Stackable options for tight sites

Ausco Modular is a market leader in building transportable infrastructure for the construction industry.

With more than 50 years’ of experience in modular building, we take pride in continuously pushing the boundaries to offer the best possible product.

Our range of transportable construction industry options are innovative in design, extending from high-performing site offices to full facility solutions. Our portable, prefabricated buildings allow significant flexibility, thanks to their modular design. We know every project has a different requirement, so contact us on 13 62 11 to discuss how we can manage yours.

No matter where the site, no matter what the conditions, Ausco Modular has a transportable building solution for you. From outback construction projects to urban developments, hiring a modular building from Ausco Modular offers a reliable solution that meets the needs of the site. These buildings can be easily moved from one site to the next or expanded to fit growing needs, saving you time and money.

Don’t compromise on quality.

Our high-performing site offices boast open plan, light and airy office spaces that are first and foremost designed for comfort and maximum employee productivity. You can hire everything from the building to the high-end furniture and additions you need to turn it into a smooth-running and efficient office. It’s up to you. 

Keep your site running smoothly.

Alongside our high-performing site offices, we have a number of full facility solutions that will leave your workforce productive and happy – even if it’s 3 people or 30. From lunchrooms, offices and change rooms to amenities and storage, our full facility solutions have everything you need for a functioning site. We understand the construction industry and what it takes to keep a site running smoothly, that’s why our range of modular buildings are perfect for your project. 

No site is too small.

If you’re a smaller builder, we have modular solutions that are specifically designed for you. We know that you have different needs than a large builder, and we take this into consideration when creating your modular solution. We can provide a site shed, toilet, site office, office and lunchroom combo and storage just for you – and we can do it in one day. 

Even on those smaller sites that you might not think a modular building will work, we have solutions that will suit the most complicated spacing requirement. Our modular designs are perfect for metro locations with complex needs – and we can even create a vertical solution just for your particular site.