To meet the challenges of a growing player base, accelerated by the success of the women’s football league, Ausco Modular and SANFL have collaborated to create female-friendly changerooms and quality designs meeting every requirement of the AFL facility guidelines. Our objective is to design purpose-built facilities for the needs of the community from a design, quality and cost perspective.

With 13 purpose-designed buildings available, you’re sure to find the right option for your club in our range.

Previous Projects


GWS Giants install state of the art Ausco Modular facility

Leveraging architectural and design excellence, Ausco Modular were able to deliver the GWS Giants a facility that not only met the needs of the new AFL club, but also demonstrates the endless possibilities of modular design.

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Need a training facility delivered fast?

With the new season rapidly approaching, Ausco Modular partnered with Adelaide United Football Club to design and construct new training facilities in just 19 weeks, as opposed to the 55 weeks a conventionally constructed site would have required.

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Ausco’s modular changerooms are a winning combination

Working to tight timeframes, Ipswich City Council (QLD) commissioned Ausco Modular to deliver temporary changeroom and canteen facilities with minimal impact and disruption to the ground and clubs.

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Who are we?

Ausco Modular is one of Australia’s largest construction companies using modular technology. Delivering customer service excellence through the use of continuous improvement strategies and our sheer determination to deliver the best possible result, each and every time, drives us in the ambition to be the supplier of choice for modular buildings.



Benefits of Ausco Modular construction 

  • Local contacts to work with clubs and Councils to devise perfect fit solutions
  • Local manufacture resulting in low delivery costs
  • Significantly less site and community disruption 
  • Surety of price, quality and program
  • Changerooms available sooner
  • Fully compliant with community sport facility standards 
  • Full turnkey services from design to on-site installation
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective maintenance for lower lifespan costs 
  • Ideal for difficult, sloping or tight sites


Meet Casey Grice, SANFL 
Planning and Infrastructure 

With over 7 years’ experience as a sport and recreation planner, Casey is responsible for providing strategic guidance to Government stakeholders, facility owners and community clubs to inform their investment in facilities to support the health and growth of Australian Rules Football. 

For support with facility scoping, planning approvals and grant applications or to request a floor plan, contact Casey via phone on 0421 358 781 or via email at

SANFL approved changeroom designs

Inclusions Ebert Robran Cornes Gowans Bagshaw Blight Cunningham Naley Kerley Lindsay Mcintosh Regional Social Complex Basheer
Size 156.8m2 184.46m2 211.2m2 212.1m2 240.5m2 240.5m2 240.5m2 277.5m2 329.5m2 377.5m2 412m2 505.5m2 879.5m2
Gymnasium/multi-use room
Umpire room/s
Doctor room/s
Massage room/s
Disabled amenities
Store/utility room/s
Timekeepers box
Social area with bar
Flexibility of sound rated operable or fixed walls
Perimeter chassis design and closer floor joists for firm floor feel
3.0m tall ceiling height throughout
Modern and dynamic customised building finishes in club colours
Internal ceiling and wall protection and recessed lights to avoid damage from ball impact
Energy efficient sensor lighting
Ventilation (fans)

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What is a modular building? 

A modular building is built off-site in a controlled factory environment and will be delivered to your club in modules. The building modules are 90% complete prior to delivery and installation on site. This greatly reduces disruption to your club, as the installation process takes a fraction of the time that traditional construction would.


What is the lifespan of modular a building? 

Ausco Modular buildings are steel framed and have a specification equal to a conventional site-built building. The steel frame structure is expected to last 30 years and the linings are subject to their own warranty and life spans from the individual material suppliers. The buildings are designed to form a sound alternative to conventional construction and are built more quickly and economically than site-built facilities. 


Does the cost vary between modular and site-built buildings? 

Generally speaking, Ausco/SANFL modular buildings are at least 15% cheaper when compared to site-built buildings. Additional savings are available through Ausco’s one-stop-shop service consisting of design, project management and development approvals.


What is the project timeline for modular developments?

Handover to the club or Council will be within 20 weeks from date of award. This timeline is inclusive of engineering, drafting finalisation, procurement, manufacture, transportation and installation. 


Are facilities female friendly? 

All facilities comply with requirements in the AFL Unisex Design Guide. Floor plans and building specifications have been developed to provide comfortable, private and safe environments for males and females from all backgrounds. 


Can buildings be customised for each specific site? 

Ausco and SANFL can customise floor plans and external finishes to accommodate perfect fit solutions at any site. 


Can the club utilise in-kind labour towards a project? 

There are numerous components of modular buildings that require specific expertise to build and install. If any club have skill sets available for any of the trades or scope of work, Ausco are willing to work with individual circumstances to suit.


How are buildings specified to meet the community sport standards? 

A range of additional specifications have been added to the buildings based on consultations with SANFL. Specifications include:

  • Sound rated operable or fixed walls
  • Perimeter chassis design and closer floor joists for firm floor feel 
  • Internal ceiling and wall protection to prevent damage from ball impact 
  • 3.0m tall ceiling height throughout 
  • Modern and dynamic external building finishes customisable to club colours


What additional costs can my club expect to incur?

Ausco offers a full design to handover service, inclusive of design, project management, development approval, manufacture, transportation, site preparation, installation and onsite construction.


How much will a modular building cost my club?

Ausco have worked closely with the SANFL to develop a range of designs that meet the needs and budget constraints of clubs all across South Australia. Pricing may vary slightly from club to club due to different on-site requirements. 

For more information on price or floor plans and support with facility scoping, planning approvals and grant applications, contact Casey Grice via phone on 0421 358 781 or via email at


Ausco Modular delivers award-winning training facility

Through all of the discussions we’ve had, they’ve gone above and beyond in helping us.




The City of Playford’s original plan was to provide a temporary building for Adelaide United to commence preseason training until a suitable facility could be installed for long term use. Ausco Modular saw a redesign opportunity to work with all parties to build a long-term solution that represented a purpose built, innovative, functional and state of the art training complex.

The facility incorporates a fully equipped gymnasium with dedicated weights, circuit and stretching areas, players change room, ablution facilities, coaches change room, ice bath room, physiotherapy room, team briefing room, meeting rooms, storage, public toilets and commercial laundry.


Time Saving Graphic_HR (1).JPG

The project was completed in just 19 weeks and was awarded the 2016 South Australia Master Builders Building Excellence Award for the best commercial/industrial building under $1m. The facility is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved.