Relocations & refurbishments

Is it time to upgrade, expand or move your modular building?

  • Has your building been in position for three years or more?
  • Does it look as good as it used to?
  • Is anything in the building not working as well as it should or used to?
  • Has your business grown in the last few years?
  • Do you have a changing workforce or groups that work on site for specific projects?
  • Is your organisation wanting to save on capital expenditure?
  • Could the modular building better serve you in another area?

Australian organisations have been enjoying the benefits of modular buildings for many years with most of them purchased or rented for their flexibility and ease of upgrade and movement.

When it comes to quick and affordable upgrades, expansion or movement, modular buildings are in a class of their own. Ausco is able to refurbish, expand or relocate modular buildings subject to inspection.

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Quite often relocating a modular building will improve its value and usability to the owner or renter.

Ausco can help recommend suitable site positions either within the current organisation’s area or kilometres away at another site.

Ausco will take care of all demobilisation tasks, organise transport and Council approvals for the movement, and reinstall the building at the new site ready for business.



Any business’ operations change over time and upgrading the modular building means the organisation enjoys improved functionality.

Ausco can conduct refurbishments on site including repairing any wear and tear, changing panels, moving fixtures and doors, replacing floor coverings, rewiring, Wi-Fi enhancements, expanding natural light entry points, roofing restoration, asbestos removal, furniture replacement, painting, adding more facilities to suit new needs, and much more.

In a short period of time modular buildings can look brand new and portray a fresh professional image for its occupants. And the job is done at a cost far less than a rebuild.



Modular buildings can also be upsized or reduced based on changing needs of the business.

Some work is cyclical and could, for example require a specific skilled team or equipment for a set period of time. Once the team’s work is done, they move on.

Modular buildings expand and reduce with the organisation’s needs with extra units able to be seamlessly integrated with existing modules.


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