Permanent facilities

Purpose built care facilities

You can design a facility for any size or shape need. We can match the external design to match your existing buildings, and all our buildings are installed to last permanently. Explore some of our projects:


Modular infrastructure is a viable alternative to traditional construction that allows you flexibility in design, cost-efficiencies, and the ability to ramp up or down in the future. Modular no longer means temporary, and we can customise buildings to fit out entire health or aged care facilities. 

Modular construction is suitable for all types of rooms – ward-rooms, consult rooms, treatment rooms, offices, clean/dirty utilities, nurses stations, records storage, kitchens, dining areas, chapels, waiting rooms and so on. For certainty of specification, facility owners can work with our design team to develop detailed specifications or utilise the Australasian Healthcare Facility Guidelines (AusHFG).

All facilities are designed and constructed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the National Construction Code and meet all applicable regulatory requirements as well as full Safety (AS4801), Quality (ISO9001) and Environmental (ISO14001) accreditation. Our designers, engineers and specialist trades are experienced in the unique requirements of health and aged care, including acoustic treatment, body protected electrical specifications and medical gases.

You may want to build a facility, but don’t want the disruption that comes with traditional construction – noise and vibration of drills and jack-hammers, dust and commotion, congested traffic and parking. Maybe you want a facility but don’t want to wait over a year before your staff can be treating patients. If so, an offsite construction solution (i.e. modular) will give you a facility in 30-50% less time and take the majority of the site disruption to our premises, not yours.

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