Stockland Coomera

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Ausco Modular creates bespoke multi-level design matched to Stockland’s outside the box concept

Stockland Coomera enlisted Ausco Modular to design and build a high quality multi-use space to be used as an office space, sales and information centre to promote their residential community on the Gold Coast.

Used as the central sales and information centre for the Foreshore residential development site for Stockland, the modular building was created to the client’s specified design and layout requirements, including an upper office for central staff use and large ground level used to promote the available sales displays.



Stockland Coomera’s vision of their centre was to have the exterior of the top level office space and ground level sales area starkly different, with each level positioned asymmetrically with contrasting external wall panels.

The result Ausco achieved is a truly eye catching modular building from design to finishes, creating a dramatic offset cantilever top floor and metallic rusting external wall panels for the ground level.

As part of the centre, multiple office and meeting areas were built, as well as bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities. It was designed to allow for mobility access.

During the construction period, Ausco worked alongside external installers, electricians, plumbers, factory building fabricators, painters, plasterers, vinyl and carpet layers and cabinet installers to ensure the build was conducted in a safe

Ausco excelled in capturing Stockland’s concept, creating a dual functional space with premium designs and features. The Stockland Coomera Sales & Information Centre demonstrates the endless possibilities of modular design and shows that a modular building doesn’t have a standard look and goes far beyond basic rooms and transitory building solutions.