Pulteney Grammar School

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Classroom and toilet facilities on hire; integrating aesthetically with existing façade for Pulteney Grammar School in just over 4 weeks.

“Paul and the team from Ausco have been incredibly professional at every stage of the process. Their knowledge of products, combined with the time spent to help us understand our needs, has delivered the best solution for our site. 

The process has been seamless and the Ausco team have been very patient with our questions. Paul and his team completed the project on time, despite being delayed by factors outside their control.

Ausco have provided a first class service to Pulteney Grammar School.”

Garry Whitelock, Business Director, Pulteney Grammar School, July 2017

Pulteney Grammar School in South Australia required additional classrooms, toilets and infrastructure quickly to cater for classroom space lost due to the demolition of an existing building.

The modular buildings needed to fit with the look of the existing and any future buildings to cater for further expansion within the school. Ausco Modular were able to match the existing façade of the classrooms and amenities by applying a building wrap, which is a first in South Australia to utilise this feature.

Pulteney Grammar School’s vision was to achieve functional learning areas using durable materials that created a consistent, all-inclusive look. Ausco Modular was able to deliver the whole solution for the school including toilets, decking, verandahs and ramps.

This project cemented why modular construction should be more widely considered as a solution to the education sector. Due to the unique controlled environment in which the modular buildings are created, Ausco was able to ensure the new facilities would be fully operational within a matter of weeks and have minimal impact on the school in the process.

The modular building was created with the help of the school’s architect, the Adelaide City Council and an extensive internal team to ensure the needs of the school were met through the new build and it complimented the overall façade of the school.

External contractors were also utilised to ensure the process, from conceptualisation to construction, was conducted to the highest standards and safely.

As a former student himself and a current parent of the school, Adelaide’s Business Development Representative Paul Brennen had a vested interest in this project. Ausco exceeded the school’s expectation through the ability to provide the entire solution. The school community is in agreeance that the project was completed to the highest standard and goes far beyond basic classrooms.