Melbourne Girls Grammar

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A tight space, a tight deadline and a tight budget lead to; 10 classrooms, administration buildings and an ablution facility – placed on tennis courts in under four weeks.

Melbourne Girls Grammar approached Ausco Modular to develop a solution for the provision of 10 classrooms, a large administration building and an ablution facility at its senior school campus. This one year hire contract was sought to provide high quality replacement teaching environments whilst other insitu buildings were redeveloped on the same site.

The available space on the school’s property was very limited. A multi-storey building able to accommodate the 10 classrooms was the only viable option that could also afford the space needed for the accompanying facilities.

Ausco Modular was the only pre-fabricated building company able to provide an innovative two storey option at the time.

An installation period of just four weeks ensured the buildings were ready for the beginning of the school year. The school then again approached Ausco Modular to provide a 36-month hire solution for accommodating three new classrooms on another tight footprint at its Junior School campus to meet increasing enrolment numbers.

Modulink’s multi-level flexibility provides an unconventional solution for an awkwardly accessible small site.

The site provided other distinct challenges often found in metropolitan projects, including underground services, neighbour considerations and council approvals.

Working in collaboration with a consulting architect, the school’s teaching staff and the local Council, Ausco Modular recommended another two storey solution, featuring two classrooms at ground level and one on the first. Onsite installation was again completed in under four weeks.

Ausco Modular has capacity to deliver building solutions fast with a hire fleet of over 12,000 buildings. With over 50 year’s experience, Ausco Modular has the capability to deliver projects in accordance with strict guidelines or tough site conditions.