Hewett Primary School

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Ausco Modular delivers custom designed, permanent school facilities in only 27 weeks.

Hewett Primary School is located 55km north of Adelaide and is part of a precinct offering comprehensive education to over 500 students.

South Australia’s Education Department was faced with a problem familiar to many schools around Australia – requiring new school buildings quickly.

To minimise the construction period associated with conventional building methods, the client contracted Ausco Modular.

Working with the Department for Administrative and Information Services – Building Management (DAIS), Ausco Modular designed a permanent modular school solution that incorporated the same types of finishes and materials that are expected from any first-class learning facility.

Ausco Modular recognised that occupier comfort through sound levels, climate and lighting, was extremely important to any learning environment. Ausco Modular worked closely with its national procurement chain to source specially-designed acoustic ceilings as well as an innovative fresh-air/heat exchange system that was integrated with the air-conditioning. High ceilings with clerestory windows were incorporated to bring in natural light.

Within just 27 weeks of receiving approval, Ausco Modular handed over the keys to a new classroom block incorporating eight classrooms, information technology facilities and teacher preparation areas.

The design incorporated a central shared area with large windows between this space and the classrooms. This feature makes it possible for students to inhabit the classroom and shared area whilst allowing the teacher to observe students in both areas at the same time.

The end result is a striking, innovative classroom facility. The building was so well received that the "Hewett" layout was one of the models nominated by the Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI) to be used for the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program and Hewett Primary School ordered a duplicate of the same building which now sits beside the original.