Hansen Yuncken

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Ausco Modular provides the first double storey solution in South Australia.

Hansen Yuncken approached Ausco Modular with a unique challenge – facilities were needed for a major refurbishment project, however the available space for these facilities was on a very small site wedged between a building and a main road.

The Adelaide City Council only had allowance for a 12m x 6m area, and even this meant taking over a major city thoroughfare between the University and the main CBD Shopping Mall.

Ausco Modular’s solution was multi-storey - the first time a multi-level solution of this nature was proposed in South Australia.

The buildings would be situated on the footpaths which contained essential services, so concrete block footings were fabricated to secure the buildings.

The buildings were delivered and installed over a weekend to minimise traffic restrictions in the busy CBD and were ready for the scaffold stairs to be installed on the Monday.

Six person office complex, lunchrooms and catering for 60 people - in the space of only 10x6 metres.

The buildings were hired for eight months and resulted in Ausco Modular receiving numerous enquiries for providing similar facilities on other sites with restricted available space.

Another successful partnership between Ausco Modular and a leading building and construction company.