Goodna Special School

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Ausco Modular designs and delivers special education complex


Facing growing enrolments, Goodna Special School required a critical special education complex. Located 25km southwest of Brisbane, Goodna Special School provides quality education to students who have an intellectual or physical impairment.

Ausco Modular worked closely with three parties to successfully complete the project; Education Queensland, Project Services and the principal contractor QBuild. Each stage of the project was reviewed progressively and at set milestones throughout the project, by the project team. To compress the overall project timeline, Ausco Modular worked concurrently with QBuild.

The unique layout was built in the shape of a boomerang to follow an existing playground. The building was designed to meet specified requirements and included a sign-in area, administration office, kitchen, classrooms, storerooms, large veranda and multi-purpose areas.

The buildings site posed several challenges. The site itself required amelioration due to asbestos contamination. While this would normally cause delay with traditional construction; Ausco Modular started construction immediately in the factory while the site was simultaneously prepared.

Built on the edge of a steeply sloping site, the special education building was engineered to be supported on a steel superstructure of posts and universal beams which acted as rails to reinforce the buildings individual modules.

The intricate superstructure and irregular shape of the building allowed little room for error. To ensure the structure fit together perfectly onsite, the entire facility was put together and tested at Ausco Modular’s manufacturing facility before being dismantled and transported.

During installation, strong winds complicated lifting and placement of the modules. This was quickly and effectively managed to ensure all 19 modules were placed over a two day period safely and exactly to their correct location.

Goodna Special School are delighted with the new complex and celebrated with an official opening ceremony. The new complex will expand valuable learning opportunities for children with special needs.