Emandar Group

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Ausco Modular combines aesthetics with practicality    

Ausco Modular supplied Emandar Group with a sales office for their Sentosa Waters Paradise Island development. The office was to be a representation of Emandar Group’s professionalism and provide future residents with a vision of their water front future.

Ausco Modular’s sales team consulted with the client and chose a stylish, aesthetic and practical site office for Emandar Group, a boutique developer focusing on prime water front locations in SE Queensland.

Versatile design allowed for enhancements and tailored furnishings to ensure Emandar’s professional image was represented to all customers.  Modern finishes with industrial strength were included to accentuate the style while providing dependable durability.  

A spectacular entry, with glass sliding doors opening the office up to the waterfront and filling the office with natural light created an unconventional exciting space.  

This two room office provided the functionality of a display area for the large scale model and photos, while allowing plenty of space for the client to meet with customers.  Insular wall panelling allowed discussions between the client and their customers without disruption from the surrounding construction.

The project was finished off with professional landscaping using sandstone and a mix of tropical and flowering shrubs to create a welcoming streetscape, inviting customers into the sales office.

Ausco Modular is proud to have provided the Emandar Group a successful site office for their high profile project.

Attention to detail in this project was of utmost importance as well as the delivery timing. Ausco Modular brought expertise and understanding to fulfil the needs of Emandar Group. Allowing flexibility for all the client’s needs gave the building the professional standard that Emandar Group expects.