Dale Christian School

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56 modules craned in over 5 days, minimising all disruptions and safety risk to students.

“Ausco Modular have exceeded my expectations on this project in every aspect.  Our experience with them in producing this wonderful facility has been an enjoyable and professional process from beginning to end.”

Mr Fred Galsworthy, Principal of Dale Christian School, March 2015


The Dale Christian School is a co-educational facility that caters for students from early childhood, through primary and secondary schooling years.  

Ausco Modular and the Dale Christian School have had a long relationship having worked together since the year 2000 to deliver a variety of facilities across the school including general learning areas, toilets, science labs and manual arts learning areas.  



The brief was to design and construct a multi-use, two storey modular secondary school building that incorporated science laboratories, a home economics room, commercial standard kitchens and industrial arts rooms.

The school is located in a medium density residential area, which meant that minimising the impact on the school community, its neighbours and the local council was paramount. Traffic management became the most critical element of the project management.   

Ausco prepared detailed plans for risk management, community relations and consultation, traffic and logistics management and waste management. Once submitted to the appropriate authorities these plans were stringently adhered to. 

The final building comprised 56 modules, all of which were craned in over 5 days, minimising disruptions to the school community, the local community and the safety risk to the students.  The final product is a striking building that boasts open plan learning facilities, the latest technology, bright and engaging spaces and an abundance of practical storage solutions.

The entire project was delivered within a six-month period, which was a necessity for the school as they needed to quickly accommodate their growing population.  The local community was pleased to experience only a short period with minimal interruptions in the local area.