Caboolture Hospital

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Ausco delivers new administrative facilities for Caboolture Hospital engineered with a 50-year design life

Caboolture Hospital was looking to upgrade its existing administration facilities without the costly disruption a usual refurbishment would cause.

As Caboolture Hospital was seeking to retrofit its administrative offices, a semi-permanent structure was favoured to house several facets of the business and allow flexibility for future developments and refurbishments.



Within four months of taking possession of the site, Ausco delivered a turnkey, design and construct solution that offered over 1000sqm of office space with disabled access compliant to the necessary codes including an elevator to the second level. The building, made up of 31 modules, was designed to be fully self-sufficient with a sewage pump and rising main into the existing system, HVAC, Data, Integrated Fire and Communications systems and suspended concrete walkways.

Ausco worked closely with the Queensland Government to ensure the project delivered its intended functions and standards within budget through a value engineering process.

The completed module building included carpeted floors, sound proofed meeting rooms, kitchen facilities and plasterboard painted walls. These features ensured the characteristics and design matched those of a conventionally built facility.

This project cemented why modular construction should be more widely considered as a solution to so many businesses. Due to the unique controlled environment in which the modular buildings are created, Ausco was able to ensure the new building would be fully operational within just four months and cause minimal impact on existing operations in the process, which is extremely beneficial to clients in the health sector.

A factory controlled manufacturing environment ensures enhanced quality, safety and schedule controls and Ausco is equipped to provide in house architectural, engineering and design services for each build.

Caboolture Hospital plans to utilise the new facilities for the duration of the refurbishment of the permanent site, however with a 50-year design life, they have peace of mind knowing it has been built to last and can be repurposed or repositioned to suit any future needs.