BMPX Sydney University

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Restricted access is no tight squeeze for Ausco Modular’s flexible solutions

Brookfield Multiplex is responsible for the facilities upgrade at the University of Sydney, a big job that includes facility and infrastructure management and maintenance across three campuses.

Brookfield Multiplex needed to construct offices and facilities quickly and there wasn’t a lot of room.

The client required 2,232sqm of floor space to be installed above the staff car park and within metres of protected trees. There was no room for error.

With the university teaming with students during the week, construction could only be undertaken on weekends, making modular construction the perfect solution for the time and design constraints.

With more than 50 years’ experience providing innovative solutions for the education industry, for preparatory, primary, secondary and special education schools, Ausco Modular was able to deliver precisely what the client needed.

Ausco Modular delivered three facilities (27x12 office space, 12x12 lunchroom and a 6x6 toilet facility) with a permanent, enclosed staircase as well as bottom-stacked 6x3m buildings and standard floors on top, delivered in stages.

The 12x12m lunchroom also had a unique requirement, needing to be tied down to a large hording, allowing for semi trailer deliveries to drive under.

Ausco Modular delivered a solution that not only utilised the minimal space effectively and provided ample working space, but also had aesthetic attraction to ensure it didn’t detract from the campus.

The ability to provide solutions that solve space and time constraints made the structure perfect for Brookfield Multiplex’s tight squeeze.