Our solutions

Innovative and functional permanent educational facilities.

Use the method more schools are turning to for a faster, more cost effective construction solution for your next expansion or redevelopment.


Multi storey solutions

  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Double the usable site space with multiple stories
  • Match the design to any existing buildings
  • Safe and secure in any environment
  • We can work with your architects, or design it ourselves
  • We manage the whole process, from building it, to transport and installation.
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Permanent education facilities

  • Create a unique solution just for your school
  • Use our expert designers who are education specialists
  • Perfect for confined or restricted access sites
  • 360 degree full turnkey solutions 
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Recreational facilities

  • Design anything. Gyms, sporting facilities and main halls.
  • Designed and installed in half the time of a regular build
  • Adaptable to any space restrictions
  • We manage all transport and installation
  • Minimal onsite disruption.
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Out of school hours

  • Capability in Childcare Centres
  • Understanding of unique design challenges
  • Shortened build times 
  • Faster occupation times
  • Creating fun places to play

If you’re looking to expand your institution, build a brand new school, or add facilities to create space quickly, a modular building solution may surprise you. 

More independent and private schools, childcare providers, adult education colleges, as well as educational departments are choosing to partner with Ausco Modular. 

Our people are some of the most experienced in the industry. We work with you to design and build individual classrooms or entire schools, including libraries, science and trade centres, multi-purpose halls, canteens, home economic rooms, gyms, music rooms, uniform shops and lecture theatres. 

The flexibility, speed of construction and minimised disruption on site has meant modular has become a construction method of choice in the education sector.