Mobile camps

How we work

Ramp up and ramp down with your project, anytime, anywhere.




Typically installed in a matter of days. A standard 52-room camp takes just two days to be fully installed. We agree on a timeframe with you, and we stick to it.


Installation costs are a fraction of a traditional camp install. Reduce your hire costs as you ramp down.


With no trenching, no working at heights and no cranes required, our experienced installation team requires minimal hours on your site.


Ausco Modular’s infrastructure is renowned for durability, quality and compliance. We are fully compliant throughout Australia, including MP3.3.

A little more about our experience

Capability where it counts


Ausco Modular builds in excess of 100 transportable mining camps across Australia per year. 

Our typical mining and energy customers are from all types of projects including, exploration drilling, pipelines, road crews, rail crews, gas fields and infrastructure organisations. These customers will benefit from the fast, flexible and reliable nature of plug-and-play mobile camps and our extensive range of permanent prefabricated solutions. 

When you start to work with us we will set a timeframe depending on the scope of your project and we will stick to it. Ausco Modular’s mobile solutions can be installed in just a few days. Take for example a standard 52-room camp – this will only take us two days to be fully installed. If you want a quote on a timeframe for your camp, give us a call on 13 62 11.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to house your staff without having to compromise on state-of-the-art facilities and space, Ausco Modular will be able to help you. Installation costs are a fraction of a traditional camp install, and your ramp down costs will be significantly reduced with our prefabricated solutions. 

All of Ausco Modular’s camps come with no need for trenching or working at heights making the installation process much safer than traditional permanent options. With our modular buildings no cranes are required – further reducing the time we need to spend on site. 

Ausco Modular’s infrastructure is recognised for its durability, quality and compliance. This is what will give you the peace of mind, knowing you’re getting the best product for the best price. You can rest easy knowing that we are fully compliant throughout Australia.