Permanent facilities

Project Handover

We understand how important handover is in the healthcare industry. We understand it’s not about the final day, but about every aspect of the project leading up to handover. Our healthcare teams are transparent in their project management and will handover a site with all the paperwork, approvals and blueprints to ensure you’re operational quickly.


When it comes to the time where the project is complete and ready for you to take over, Ausco Modular’s project handover process is smooth and seamless.

With a no fuss-attitude, we are able to ensure that all problems are dealt with efficiently and give you what you need to ensure the successful running of your new healthcare facility. 

We understand that the most important part of this process is getting your new building up and running. Whether it’s a treatment facility or a whole new hospital – our priority is delivering your modular solution on time, every time. 

Handover is crucial in the healthcare industry, and we understand that it’s not just about the final day – it’s about every aspect of the project. Our team is completely transparent in their project management and you can expect the project to be handed over with all the paperwork, approvals and blueprints. We want to make sure you’re up and operational as quickly as possible. 

As part of our 360-degree service approach, we offer a full suite of services from planning, transport, site works and installation to ongoing support throughout the project. We can help evaluate your site and recommend a range of options.  The supply and installation of all buildings is completed to the appropriate standards and building codes.

If you want to finish off your building with some optional extras, we can also provide white goods, furniture, first aid, containers and waste solutions to you. This will ensure that your project is a full turnkey solution. 

When you no longer need the buildings, we offer a full service to remove and return the buildings.