Permanent facilities

Engineering & design

No two healthcare facilities are the same. With different treatments and patients, each facility needs to apply the best healthcare processes together with the demands of its practitioners and staff.

Ausco Modular will work with you to understand your specific needs, and design the right modular solution for you. 

But because modular is faster and more controlled than traditional construction, a customised solution no longer means delays. 



At the heart of Ausco Modular’s solutions is our seamless and efficient design process. 

It is this process that allows us to create customised solutions that suit each individual facility perfectly. Whether it’s a rural medical clinic, or an inner-city hospital, the process is still the same. 

Our design process starts when the moment a customer comes to us. We don’t ask you to make all the difficult decisions, instead we explore your needs and requirements in-depth to come up with a solution that is going to be perfect for your business, your staff and your site environment. 
We have teams in locations throughout Australia, which means our highly experienced team members will visit your site and help you determine how to use the land. They will assess your site and provide you recommendations on the best way to move forward. This is especially useful if you have a space-restricted or unusual site.

We are experienced in handling development and government approvals, and it’s all part of the process to ensuring our designs suit the environment and create a solution that’s perfect for the whole community.
Our solutions are designed to foster a good working environment for your staff and a wonderful treatment facility for your patients.