Permanent facilities

Health administrators in regional and remote areas of Australia face a daunting challenge. The ageing demographics of our nation mean that demand for services is increasing. At the same time the cost of maintaining facilities built decades ago is also increasing. The efficiency of operations is affected by staff working in facilities with outdated designs. Operators then face challenges attracting health professionals to regional areas when the facilities are not up to the standards of metro areas.

It is no surprise that health facility owners would like to bring new facilities to their region. However, the costs of constructing fully compliant facilities in regional, rural and remote areas can be very high. This is where modular construction provides the solution. By constructing the majority of the health facility off-site in a factory environment, costs are maintained at levels much closer to metro areas. In addition the modular construction methodology provides a build-time 30-50% faster than traditional construction.

Ausco’s healthcare solutions are built in factories with full Safety (AS4801), Quality (ISO9001) and Environmental (ISO14001) accreditation. Our designers, engineers and specialist trades are experienced in the unique requirements of healthcare facilities, such as meeting AusHFG standards, acoustic treatment, body protected electrical specifications and medical gases.

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