Temporary facilities

The pressure on health care providers to meet the needs of the community is rapidly increasing. In the search for more space to treat patients, an option that is often considered is taking over administrative office space. The question then becomes “How can we move office personnel somewhere else while we renovate, refurbish or rebuild?”

For decades Ausco Modular has been providing solutions to those in search of more temporary office space. Our solutions can be as small as 18m2 of space or as large as 1,800m2. We can provide single level space or multi-storey space. We can provide full fitout or just a shell. It all depends on your needs.

Our temporary office space solutions for healthcare usually include offices, meeting rooms, amenities, training rooms, lunchrooms and outdoor deck areas. You can work with our design team to get the right space and layout for you. We work with your IT team to deliver the same connectivity as you would expect in a permanent office.

Working with health facility operators, we have found that minimising site disruption is critical. Our focus is on delivering you the space you need in the fastest time with the least amount of on-site impact. Installation timeframes are typically in days and weeks, not months.

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