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Solutions for difficult sites

Learn more about how modular construction can solve your issues with difficult sites:


We all know that demand for health and aged care services is increasing. This inevitably means that health and aged care operators are looking for ways to provide more space in which services can be provided. Without this extra space, operators face problems with crowded working areas, lack of adequate privacy and growing waiting lists.

Even when these problems have been recognised and funds budgeted for a solution, it can be hard for facility managers to find suitable land to meet greenfield or brownfield expansion needs. This is where a modular solution can be the answer.

Modular buildings are typically constructed on a floor chassis using steel bearers. This innovative design methodology allows for the completed structure to be substantially lighter than a “slab on ground” building. By having a “light footprint”, modular construction can be used in many site conditions where concrete and masonry solutions are unsuitable or uneconomic.

For example, many facility operators are now turning to elevated solutions, such as buildings on gantries, to solve their space constraints. Gantries can be constructed above many areas which would normally be considered off-limits for construction, such as above internal roads or car-parking areas.

Another alternative is to use the light footprint characteristics of modular construction to use previously under-utilised roof-spaces. Or it may be possible to use areas of a site that have steep slopes, which normally make construction problematic.

In each of the above cases, a modular solution provides a build-time 30-50% faster than traditional construction and removes the majority of the disruption of construction activity from the site.

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