The Modular Process

What defines modular building technology is the ability to build offsite; significantly minimising client site disruptions. At Ausco Modular we have manufacturing facilities and storage facilities around Australia that are responsible for constructing our buildings, customising fit-outs, and storing thousands of buildings ready to go at any moment. 

The process is fast. Very fast. About half the construction time of traditional building methods*. But more importantly, it is incredibly efficient. We reduce waste by up to 30%. This is not only great for the environment, but it’s great for your back pocket. You’re not paying for materials that end up on the factory floor – you’re only paying for what you get. 

We can build a customised building in a matter of weeks, ready to send to you straight away. But for those customers that need something quickly, we have thousands of pre-built solutions ready to go. 

Our staff work with customers to ensure the design is the ideal modular solution for you. After all, we know modular. It is the only thing we do.