Education office facilities

Keep your staff happy with high-performing office facilities to help them work better. We provide the essential adminstration facilities that are vital for the smooth running of an educational facility, and we provide a range of different finishes.

Many are preconfigured, so as not to compromise on the advantage of speed that modular transportable buildings provide. Explore what makes our modular office solutions so special:


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The perfect space for your staff. 

Transportable education office facilities are the ideal option to support your staff. With excellent acoustics, air-conditioning and natural light, a modular office facility helps to support staff efficiency. 

Demountable office space can be installed almost anywhere on your school grounds, and can be customised to blend into existing buildings. We can also be creative with your space restrictions, using multi-storey solutions, and installing car park areas underneath buildings. 

Our education office facilities can be basic hire solutions, or completely customised solutions. The choice is yours. 

With a basic office solution, you can hire a pre-existing building from our extensive fleet range, but the solution is anything but basic. You can fit out your building specifically for your education needs. 

With a customised solution, you can tailor the layout and design of the building to suit any requirement.

With any option you choose, we also offer a full suite of services from planning, transport, site works and installation to ongoing support throughout the project. We can help evaluate your site and recommend a range of options. The supply and installation of all buildings is completed to all regulatory standards and building codes. When you no longer need the buildings, we offer a full service to remove and return the buildings.

If you need office space quickly, let us handle everything from installing the building, to fitting out all the furniture your teachers and staff need. If you only need the space temporarily, we will come and remove everything when you’re finished. This is a great way to ramp up your facility quickly, without having to worry about what to do when you no longer need it. 

We know you’re not experts in construction, and having multiple contractors and suppliers onsite can be a great burden on your institution. With modular building, we build everything offsite, which means we’ll only need to be onsite during installation, which is quick and easy. This saves you money on time and building materials, as well as the added comfort that you won’t have unnecessary disruptions to your school. 

We can design and install complex education solutions to any region of Australia quickly. From shipping buildings across the Tasman to Tasmania, hauling them up the Pilbara, or navigating the busy streets of Sydney, we can get any building to any place. We have local teams on the ground in every state that know the region, and know how to get buildings to you fast. 

If you live in a remote region where construction is difficult and expensive, or an inner-city region where traffic and space is tough – ask us how modular infrastructure can take care of all your space needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.