Permanent education facilities

The possibilities of modern design are limited only by your imagination.


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We've been working with Australian Schools for over 30 years. 

Modular construction is a modern building method that’s now adopted by many schools. The benefits of reduced disruption to the school environment, improved onsite safety, faster build times and the quality of the learning spaces that are created have been demonstrated many times. 

Modular education solutions are an ideal option to expand your institution and create more space quickly and efficiently. More independent and government schools, as well as education departments nationally have chosen to partner with Ausco Modular.  Our people are experts in the industry, enabling us to maintain exceptional customer relations and continued high performance. 

Modular no longer means temporary, and our designs and installation methods mean our buildings have all the qualities needed to last as a permanent fixture in your school. 

Once we have established what size and configuration your buildings should be, we can then customise the building to suit all your internal design requirements. Power outlets fit to exact specifications in our automated manufacturing facility. Kitchen and lab space designed and installed to maximise space and functionality. Ideal acoustic and temperature design for the facility’s use and size. 

Once these aspects have been designed into the building’s architecture, our automated manufacturing facility will construct your building to exact measurements, eliminating unnecessary building waste and human error. 

The result is a cost-effective, fast, tailored building ready to be transported and installed in your school in just months. The time we are required to spend onsite is minimal, which means we won’t disrupt your regular operations with construction workers, noise, or excess traffic. Which is why we’re perfect for both busy inner-city locations, as well as rural and remote locations where local construction teams can be extremely busy. 

We also offer complete service solutions, which means we won’t just supply the building, but we design it, transport it, install it, and manage any other aspect you need to get it operational. 

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