Multi-storey classrooms

You can design a classroom for any number of students using multi-storey buildings. We can match the external design to match your existing buildings, and all our buildings are installed to last permanently. Explore some of our projects:


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Ausco Modular was one of the first modular building companies in Australia to use multi-storey modular technology. 

By stacking our modular buildings vertically, we are able to create buildings to fit large populations in small spaces. Our multi-storey blocks are functional, safe and a perfect way to expand rapidly without compromising the safety of your students with long, onsite construction. Double-storey modular buildings can be installed to suit an unlimited number of students, and fitted out to supply kitchens, laboratories, gymnasiums, and change rooms.

Modular infrastructure is a viable alternative to traditional construction that allows you flexibility in design, cost-efficiencies, and the ability to ramp up or down in the future. Modular no longer means temporary, and we can customise buildings to fit out entire schools. 

Whether your students are pre-school or university, you can completely tailor your transportable space to suit your needs. We also offer complete service solutions, which means we won’t just supply the building, but we design it, transport it, install it, and manage any other aspect you need to get it operational. 

Ask us how modular infrastructure can take care of all your space needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.