Full mining camps

Engineering & design

Our testing:

Real-life testing and independent engineering calculations allow us to meet national standards in the design and rating of modular buildings for wind speed, cyclonic conditions and cyclone shelter design. We have the only modular-certified shelter in Australia.

We also have the capability to work with our customers to jointly design and engineer a building solution, or deliver a turnkey solution.

Our turnkey design process:


Our design process for mining camps


Our design credentials:

We continue to drive product and design innovation with the industry’s only in-house testing facility independently accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Our Engineering Laboratory is accredited to manage the Australian Standards relevant to:

  • Design and assembly
  • Proof testing of building tie downs
  • Mechanical testing for steel frame structures
  • Design Guidelines for Australian Public Cyclone Shelters for wind force and debris impact tests

EDU_Sale_D&E1.jpg EDU_Sale_D&E2.jpg

At the heart of Ausco Modular’s solutions is our seamless and efficient design process.

It is this process that allows us to create customised solutions that suit each individual camp perfectly. Whether it’s a 200-person camp, or a camp to house a cast of thousands, the process is still the same. 

Our design process starts when the moment a customer comes to us. We don’t ask you to make all the difficult decisions, instead we explore your needs and requirements in-depth to come up with a solution that is going to be perfect for your project, your staff and your site environment. 

We have teams in locations throughout Australia, which means our highly experienced team members will visit your site and help you determine how to use the land. They will assess your site and provide you recommendations on the best way to move forward. This is especially useful if you have a space-restricted or unusual site.

We are experienced in handling development and government approvals, and it’s all part of the process to ensuring our designs suit the environment and create a solution that’s perfect for the whole community.

Our camps are designed to foster a good working environment and a great living environment with community-style living that promotes engagement amongst others while still giving maximum privacy.