Modular hire


Completely eliminate the need to access the roof of the building during installation.

Ausco Modular’s patented SealSafe installation system makes the installation of modules safer and faster.  It completely eliminates the need to access the roof of the building during on-site  installation. With SealSafe, we eliminate a significant safety risk from your site completely.

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How it works

SealSafeTM uses a patented ‘track and sail’ system to weatherproof complexed module joins in a very similar way to conventional roofing methods.

  1. It’s safe. It is done on-site in a matter of minutes and most crucially, without the need for any height infrastructure such as elevated work platforms or harnesses. 

    The ‘sail’ is simply threaded through the track system attached to the roof structure of each module by one  operator and ‘pulled’ through the tracks by an operator. The result is a watertight,  weather-resistant membrane that exhibits all the same tactical characteristics of traditional roofing.
  2. It’s fast. By using SealSafe, our installation time on your site is significantly reduced and your buildings ready even faster. It reduces health and safety risks, traffic flow issues and site inductions. And this means more cost savings for you.