Modular hire

Our solutions

You can hire any type of solution, to be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Standard Office

  • Installed in just days
  • Keep them for weeks, months or years
  • We handle transport, installation and removal
  • Add on amenities, kitchens, lunchrooms or first-aid.
C&I_Hire_Standard Office.jpg

Customised office

  • Designed to match your surrounding environment 
  • Create a solution for any need
  • We manage every aspect of the project
  • Adaptable to any space restrictions
  • Less site disruption.
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Customised solutions

  • Attractive design to meet corporate needs
  • Natural lighting to enhance mood and productivity
  • Upscale furniture
  • Acoustic and air quality enhancements
  • Open plan to encourage collaboration.
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Flexible design you don't expect from modular. 

The flexibility of design and speed of construction that modular solutions provide has seen it become a construction method of choice across many markets. Quality-controlled construction and direct site delivery minimises project timelines and external impacts, such as poor weather, as well as reduces any unnecessary material and labour costs.

Standard office

Ausco Modular can work with you to install a high-quality and fully functional standard office in days. We manage everything from transport, installation and removal – so you’re just left enjoying your modular building for months, or years! We make the process as easy as possible, and our designs can even incorporate amenities, kitchens, lunchrooms and first-aid. Our number one priority is giving you a workspace that will aid in productivity and keep your workers happy. 

Customised solutions

Our customised solutions enable you to meet your specific needs in a fraction of the time of traditional construction. Modular technology allows us to customise buildings to match your surrounding environment and to house any number of people for any purpose. You can customise an entire office or a single showroom – the options are endless. 

No matter the size of the project, Ausco Modular will manage every aspect of the project. That means you’ve got nothing to do but choose your building’s design and we’ll do the rest. As experts in modular construction, we know that some projects come with space restrictions – that’s why we’re able to adapt our designs to suit your site size. 

We also offer complete service solutions, which means we won’t just supply the building, but we can also supply the furniture, transport, installation, and removal. Think of us as your space solution project managers. 

High-Performing Site Office

No matter where the site, no matter what the conditions, Ausco Modular has a transportable building solution for you. From outback construction projects to urban sites, a modular building from Ausco Modular offers a reliable solution that meets the needs of the site. 

Our modular solutions are the perfect way to meet your corporate needs all while maintaining an attractive design. Our open plan site office designs have a focus on natural light, acoustics and air quality enhancements – all working to keep your office as productive and happy as possible.