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Sporting Change Rooms

Sporting club expansion often requires an increase in available change rooms and amenities. We can provide modular amenities to sit on their own or add to your existing club facilities. We can design and construct your ideal clubhouse to any specification, and we will manage the installation and utility connection. See how modular can support your expansion plans:


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We recognise having appropriate facilities is a key driver in sport participation. Our range of facilities is innovative in design and range from standard change rooms to fully customised and purpose-built solutions. Due to their modular design, our portable and prefabricated solutions give you significant flexibility and will leave you with a fully functioning solution in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.

We’re able to provide adequate spaces to meet the ongoing challenges of ensuring there are sufficient facilities to meet growing demand. We recognise clubs maintain a vigorous strategy of maintaining quality playing fields, developing new playing surfaces, managing existing amenities and establishing new facilities such as change rooms and clubhouses for all footballers, particularly females who now make up a quarter of all players.

Our modular solutions are built in our off-site facilities, then transported and installed within a matter of days. Easily adapting to any space restriction, with little to no fixture disruption, our designs match your surrounding environment and complement current facilities – making it a perfect addition to your already functioning space.

Whether you need a new building to help you through a temporary space shortage, or if you’re looking to build an entirely new change room facility, clubhouse or canteen, Ausco Modular’s designs can be adapted to accommodate your specific requirements.

Ausco Modular can also work with you to design and construct purpose-built solutions. These high-performing and fully functional modular buildings will create inspired facilities. With our modular buildings, you can rest assured that you’re going to get a solution that will fit your needs perfectly. 

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