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Sporting Change Rooms

Women now account for 27% of all footballers, and these figures continue to grow. Having appropriate facilities is a key driver for attracting memberships. Through regular audits, it is consistently identified that many community clubs are not compliant with standard facility guidelines.


See why a modular building is right for your sporting club.


Assess the surroundings

Is your sporting ground or current club house built on difficult terrain? Modular facilities can be custom built and installed on uneven or hilly terrains in a fraction of the time of a traditional build. They can also be positioned above the flood level if this is a problem in the area.


Government funding may be available

Facilities grants are available from many state and local Government agencies to support the development of sporting club infrastructure. We have experience working with Governments and can provide support throughout the process.


Is the facade an issue?

Modular building can be architecturally designed to suit the look and feel of existing buildings on the grounds. Whether you require a certain shape or design, or would like the building to be skinned in your team branding, the team at Ausco Modular can work with you to create the desired look.


Is your current schedule too busy to shut down the existing facilities?

Building new infrastructure and facilities can often be a very costly and time consuming task, requiring the fields or current facilities to be closed for the duration. Modular buildings skip this step as they are designed and built off-site and delivered and installed when it is suitable for the client. Sporting clubs are not always required to cease competition or training to add a modular building to the grounds. 


View our case studies below to see how modular can support your expansion plans.


Adelaide United Football Club Adelaide United Football Club Sydney Trains Maintenance Shower Facilities Sydney Trains Maintenance Change Room Facilities GWS Giants Football Club GWS Giants Football Club Local Council Sporting Grounds Local Council Sporting Grounds

We recognise having appropriate facilities is a key driver in sport participation. Our range of facilities is innovative in design and range from standard change rooms to fully customised and purpose-built solutions. Due to their modular design, our portable and prefabricated solutions give you significant flexibility and will leave you with a fully functioning solution in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.

We recognise clubs maintain a vigorous strategy of maintaining quality playing fields, developing new playing surfaces, managing existing amenities and establishing new facilities such as change rooms and clubhouses for all footballers, particularly females who now make up a quarter of all players.

Easily adapting to any space restriction, with little to no fixture disruption, our designs match your surrounding environment and complement current facilities – making it a perfect addition to your already functioning space.


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