Busting the myth on modular

11 June 2018

We found there were still a lot of myths surrounding modular construction methods, so we’re here to bust the myth on modular. The common misconception is that ‘demountable’ buildings are in-fact just boxes. Wrong. What we do at Ausco, is deliver high-quality buildings faster, safer and more sustainable than traditional construction.


Busting the myth on modular- part 1.


MYTH: Modular constructed buildings are of a lower quality than traditionally constructed buildings.


BUSTED: Modular construction uses a controlled environment for production. We use tried and true assembly methods that are more accurate than traditional trades, and our buildings are designed and constructed to meet the same building codes that non-modular buildings are.


MYTH: Modular construction is not permanent.


BUSTED: Modular constructed buildings can absolutely be permanent! Are they more easily renovated or removed due to the nature of their assembly? Yes. Modular buildings are constructed on permanent foundations the same way traditionally constructed buildings are. 


MYTH: Modular construction is completely inflexible in design and aesthetics.


BUSTED: A modular building can realise architects’ design aspirations and create landmark buildings – or buildings that complement existing architecture. Furthermore, traditionally constructed buildings can easily be extended with a modular building. Read our case study on Calvary Lutheran Primary School and how Ausco Modular achieved exactly this.


MYTH: Modular only means temporary.


BUSTED: Temporary facilities are often seen at schools and sites making it understandable why modular buildings may be primarily recognised as temporary solutions. While temporary facilities offer a fast solution to an urgent need for space, Ausco Modular offer an alternative permanent building construction option to meet the broad long-term space need of schools.