Ausco Modular launches Aged Care product

24 October 2017


At the 2017 Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) National Congress on the Gold Coast, Ausco Modular launched its Aged Care offering to the market. A fully functional prototype module was on show during the four day event.


Modular construction provides a high quality, quick, cost effective solution. Ausco Modular designs and builds state-of-the-art Aged Care facilities using the latest in sustainable and aesthetically pleasing modular technology construction methods. Ausco Modular provides full turnkey solutions including architectural design, engineering, compliance, approvals, offsite manufacture, onsite construction, handover and documentation.



Where a traditional in-situ build can take around 32 months from licence to reality, Ausco Modular can deliver a modular facility in 19 months, saving providers around 13 months and ensuring residents can be welcomed earlier, satisfying community needs faster.


Ausco Modular’s Business Development Manager, Jeremy Simmons, says modular construction is a smart choice for Aged Care providers into the future.


“While the building industry has experienced consistent innovation in building methods and products over the years, the construction process itself has undergone relatively few changes over the last century,” he said.


“Once commonly looked upon as only low quality demountable buildings, modular construction now offers solutions that are equal or better quality than traditional methods of building structures. Not only is the quality now there, but it is achieved within shorter time frames, reduced labour and construction costs, and better consistency and sustainability.


“While these benefits would be welcomed by every architect for any project across Australia, they are especially beneficial for Aged Care projects where time and budgets available for new developments and redevelopments are increasingly tighter and the community need is increasingly greater.”


Ausco Modular Aged Care diplay suite LASA_edited.jpg


Benefits of Modular in Aged Care

Faster Construction

At least 80 percent of modular construction is completed off-site, helping to significantly reduce site disruption, vehicle traffic as well as improving overall safety and security.


Reduced Costs

Modular construction can reduce labour and material costs through factory efficiency. Shorter build times, and the elimination of on-site construction issues helps to reduce labour costs. For regional or remote locations the ability to transport a built facility directly to the site can reduce labour as well as material supply costs.

Modular aged care construction brings particular value to regional and rural areas where access to high quality or specialty trades can be an issue. Local trades are still employed through the install and site work period but the higher specialty work is completed within the consistent quality environment of the factory.

With less wastage in the factory through lean manufacturing techniques and little or none brought out to site, the rural environment also benefits. Rooms arrive fully fitted so the costs and delays of commissioning a new facility can also be significantly reduced.


Consistency & Repeatability

With stringent quality controls, modular construction allows for consistency in construction to meet performance and compliance requirements unique to Aged Care applications. The consistency of resident room layouts helps save costs and time.


Increased Sustainability

The efficiency of factory-manufactured buildings significantly reduces materials wastage. Materials are supplied to order and nothing is wasted due to on-site damage, storage or the unpredictable Australian weather.


For more information, please contact Jeremy Simmons on 0428 142 434 or