Points to consider prior to your building delivery

19 September 2017


So, you've decided to construct a temporary modular space for an upcoming project or sudden need? With over 50 years of industry experience, you can be reassured you will receive a safe and hassle-free delivery and installation of your temporary modular space. Paul Brennen, Business Development Representative for Ausco Modular Adelaide explains the process. 


Permits and approvals

Ausco Modular’s Paul Brennen, said their trained team can assist you in ensuring all required permits are obtained prior to delivery.


“Generally, a temporary hire involves full development approval and council permits. Ausco takes care of the planning approval and private certification for building rules ensuring full development approval can be secured,” said Paul.


Ensure the space is suitable

Your local Ausco representative will make regular site visits to ensure an area is suitable for a modular building. The area and buildings will be specifically engineered to ensure all necessary permits and approvals are secured. This will ensure your modular buildings footing details, as well as any additional building engineering requirements for hilly or uneven surfaces, are managed and controlled right from the beginning.


Connecting the building

Paul said “Prior to delivery, your Ausco representative will source the best location on the block to enable access to the above and below ground services for the utilities the building requires.”


“Ausco is able to connect all utilities as part of delivery, dependant on the client’s requirements and scope of work.”



As part of Ausco’s 360 Degree Service, specific furniture and appliance bundles suitable for the modular space can be recommended and sourced. These bundles can be delivered with your unit and ensure you are “ready to work” from day one.


Protect the unit for peace of mind

Ausco Modular offers customers a Building Renter Protection policy that satisfies their insurance needs.


“Building Renter Protection is a simple, cost-effective and comprehensive alternative to standard property insurance,” said Paul.  


“It covers loss or damage that may arise as a result of unforeseen events such as vandalism, fire, theft or weather damage.”


For a monthly fee, Building Renter Protection offers peace of mind for the duration of your building hire.


Modular solutions help you save time and money to achieve more space in a fraction of the expected time. Consider Ausco Modular for your next project.