Benefits of modular solutions

19 September 2017


Modular spaces are utilised by a multitude of industries throughout Australia, and the world. The rise of modular facilities has allowed these industries to expand without the worry of excessive cost or wasted time. Modular can service a company’s need for more space, whether that is due to growth, renovations, emergency needs or simply demand.


If you’re experiencing this need, or are exploring your options, here’s how modular can help.


1. Flexibility - Solutions when you need them

Renovations can be time consuming and cost companies money, lost business and inconvenience as facilities and services become unavailable during the construction period.


As modular buildings are manufactured offsite, it reduces the time spent onsite and mitigates weather risks enabling the modular space solution to be developed and installed in a matter of weeks ensuring business continues as normal.


2. Relocatable - Make your move with Ausco

The functionality and adaptability of modular buildings means all modular buildings can be easily relocated on the current space or to an entirely new site regardless of the landscape constraints or accessibility of the sites. Ausco Modular’s experienced team can ensure a seamless move at all stages from transport to installation for the duration of the hire or project.


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3. Functionality - Ready to live, work and learn

Whether you are in need of extra working space or more amenities, Ausco’s modular solutions can be ready when needed.


Suitable for both temporary and permanent needs, Ausco offers a variety of spaces that can be fully installed, insured and even furnished depending on the requirement.


The benefits of modular buildings include the ability for the building to be standardised and repeated for extensions to pre-existing modular sites.  


4. Affordability - Tailored to your budget

Ausco has a range of modular spaces for temporary or permanent use to suit every budget. As the majority of the construction is completed offsite and transported to the location, it reduces the costs of engaging specialised trades to complete the build, especially in areas where their availability is limited. Ausco’s expert team can provide the right space for your needs that will fit both budget and time restrictions.


5. Secure - Peace of mind

Each modular building is built to last. You can rest assured the space will remain durable and dependable for the length of its stay. Ausco also recommends utilising the Building Renter Protection for peace of mind throughout the duration of the hire.


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6. Compliant - We'll do the leg work

All Ausco Modular units are engineered to meet guidelines and restrictions enforced by the client and council. Ausco’s expert team will work with you to ensure the chosen modular space is suitable and compliant. A recent example of this is the nursing accommodation at Miles Hospital. Working to the Queensland Health guidelines, Ausco provided a high quality eight-bedroom building in under eight weeks.


7. Customisable - Visually appealing

Modular buildings are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of standard demountable buildings or ‘dongas’ used in schools. Now, Ausco’s modular spaces can be designed with architects and engineers to suit any need.  Buildings can even be wrapped to complement existing buildings, like the recent project at Pulteney Grammar School.


How can modular space benefit your business?