Modular accommodation the answer for rural farming properties

25 March 2015

Modular buildings are providing farmers with fast, flexible and high-quality accommodation to cater to seasonal workers and backpackers in rural areas.


Ausco Modular General Manager Roger Bradford said there were many benefits to modular that were a win-win for the industry because of the positives for both the farmers and the workers.


“On-site accommodation mitigates a lot of financial and staffing risks for farmers simply by having their staff quarters close by instead of at a nearby town,” Mr Bradford said.


You’re looking at completely eliminating the travel costs associated with transporting staff from town out to the farm and back again.


“There’s also more opportunity for farmers to build relationships with their workers and less risk of lost time if workers don’t turn up for their shifts.


“From the workers’ perspective, having a private room and en suite presents a higher level of comfort, quality and privacy that they might not normally associate with the industry.”


Mr Bradford said the latest industry data predicted that wages across the sector would continue increase and farmers were looking to invest in equipment to mitigate the effect of rising labour costs and high overheads. 


“Particularly in labour-intensive sectors like fruit picking, we’re seeing an increasing demand for low-cost accommodation solutions and modular provides the ideal alternative,” he said.


Mr Bradford said the onus was on the farmers to supply quality accommodation, which could be tricky given the geographical limitations that came with rural locations.


“There are very few geographical limitations to modular so the buildings can be installed in regional areas with limited resources and can be quickly ramped up or down to meet demand,” he said.


“The whole process is less resource-intensive for the farmers because the buildings essentially come ready to accommodate staff.”


For more information on modular workers accommodation by Ausco Modular call 13 62 11. 


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