Ausco Modular works with an extensive cross section of customers within Mining and Energy, Building and Construction, Education, Commercial and Industrial, Government and Tourism markets to deliver tailored and fast modular building solutions.
Mining and Energy village with accommodation, catering and central facilities.
Commercial and industrial office complex.

We deliver what you need when you need it.

Our customers span many markets and cross all geographies nationally from inner city office locations and construction sites to schools in regional towns and villages in the remotest corners of Australia.

The flexibility modular solutions provide is seeing it become the construction method of choice across many markets. Quality-controlled construction and direct site delivery minimises our project time lines and external impacts such as poor weather, as well as reducing any unnecessary material and labour costs.


  • Residential Housing

Ausco Modular now offers a growing range of double storey modular housing solutions, delivered specifically for businesses and government. Read more...